Haus Der Kulturen der Welt

Konzert: Hassan Khan at HKW 1024 726 PHØNIX16

Konzert: Hassan Khan at HKW

I saw the world collapse and it was only a word
Composition and Libretto: Hassan Khan
Opening of Der Ohrenmensch (Part of “Radiophonic Spaces”) HKW Foyer
November 1st 9.30 pm (free admission)

In this composition for five singers–followed by a coda on a cell phone–an organic musical structure has been developed to interpret a libretto composed of seventy words and forty intersubjective events that chart a mysterious modulation, a vaguely remembered moment of collapse, an undefined yearning, a search for names and other half-imagined conversations.
CONCERT: Transmediale 2018 800 400 PHØNIX16

CONCERT: Transmediale 2018


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February 2 & 3, 21:00 Uhr
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

James Ferraro presents: Plague

Musician, composer, and conceptual artist James Ferraro will premiere his new stage performance, “Plague,” as a transmediale/CTM concert. Featuring scenographic elements and live visuals by Nate Boyce, Ferraro’s “Plague” is a choral work built around speculations on a future society in which an AI is simulating reality through the manipulation of living humans—with the goal of creating the ultimate consumer product. As the AI struggles to emulate what it means to be human, tensions arise between the clinical gaze of the machine and the imperfection of its emulation. The piece is a joint commission with Abandon Normal Devices festival within the ongoing Creative Europe network The New Networked Normal (NNN).